About Us

Multibox America is a news site that covers issues of race, ethnicity, and identity. We seek out stories that showcase under-covered communities and voices of color across New York City and beyond. Our coverage refuses to put communities in a box.  The site is staffed by undergraduate student reporters in the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University. Stories are published in the Spring.

Our current staff reporters are:

Adjoa Hackman

Adjoa is a senior studying Politics and Journalism at New York University. She was born and raised in Stockton, CA. She has previously interned at Arise Television and CNN for Anderson Cooper 360. She likes to write about civil rights, poverty, education, and human rights issues. Adjoa enjoys cooking, watching documentaries, and listening to the Queen… Beyonce.

Anaya Bhattacharya

Ananya is a junior at New York University, double majoring in Economics and Journalism. A third culture kid raised in three different continents, Ananya looks for a story in all corners of the world.  Her experience spans across publications such as Inc.com and The College Tourist along with India’s second largest English-language daily newspaper, Hindustan Times. Usually dancing her way from one place to another with a book in her bag and food on her mind, she documents life partly as journalism and partly as poetry. You can

Follow her on Twitter @ananya_b94

Cami Crawford

Cami is an NYU Digital and Computational Journalism and Psychology student with a passion for fitness, travel and dogs. Cami loves her Celtic heritage and has visited Ireland and Scotland to learn more about her family history, but has also traveled to Wales, England, France and Brazil because she loves to learn about different cultures. Originally from California, Cami lives an active lifestyle and was a forward on the NYU Women’s Soccer team for the entirety of her collegiate career.

For more work by Cami, you can take a look at her blog: camicrawford.wordpress.com. Or check out blog.kurtosys.com, where she currently works as a Digital Engagement Intern.

Diana Tao

Diana is a senior majoring in Journalism and Political Science. She plans to attend law school in the upcoming year and upon graduating, pursue a career in international law. Fun fact about Diana: she watches “The Good Wife” religiously, aspiring to be half as amazing as Diane Lockhart.

Felipe De La Hoz

Felipe is a Colombian journalism and politics student at NYU and a senior editor at the Washington Square News, the student daily. Growing up in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States, he’s a true third culture kid and avid traveler. As a photographer, videographer, and reporter, he’s covered everything from riots to sexual assault at NYU, braving both tear gas and PR teams along the way. He’s written for the WSN and LIFE, and wants to use his skills to bridge the gaps between different facets of journalism and better tell stories.

Kayla Keegan

Kayla is a senior at New York University majoring in journalism who hopes to break into the digital magazine world after graduation. She is currently a web writer and social media intern at Redbook and has worked at various magazine websites, including CosmopolitanSeventeen, and Square Meal Lifestyle. Kayla also runs her own blog, Love&Leisure, and is an editor for her school’s chapter of Her Campus. When she actually has a free moment to spare, Kayla can be found Facebook creeping on her exes or spending way too much time on Pinterest.

Follow her on Twitter @ksk316

Komal Patel

Komal is a senior at NYU double-majoring in Anthropology and Journalism. She is originally from Braselton, Georgia and loves to travel, read, and go ceramics painting. She also loves animals, especially golden retriever puppies, and as she recently became vegan, she loves trying new restaurants and tricking her omnivorous friends into eating soy meat.

Margaret Saunders

Margaret is a senior Journalism and Spanish major in CAS at NYU. As a journalist, she has covered a wide variety of issues, ranging from race to art and culture to goings-on in her native Queens, New York. Along with covering New York City, she also wrote for a Spanish language newspaper, El Sol De San Telmo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently, she is working on an undergraduate thesis titled Representations of Blackness & Performance Of Authenticity In Rap Cubano which will be published in an academic journal in the summer of 2015. In her spare time, she enjoys the culinary arts of other people—also known as eating, as well as forcing her dog Mr. Jackson to join her in taking selfies.

Mia Taper

Mia is a NYU senior double majoring in Film & Television Production and Journalism. Under her belt, she has directed documentaries in New York City and Havana, Cuba, done production and post-production sound work for series on LOGO and Funny Or Die, and written and directed two award-winning short films. She wants to become the female Anthony Bourdain, filming her travels around the world and getting paid to do it. When she’s not on set or reporting a story, you can find her sitting with her roommate watching telenovelas.

Nina Pinas-Zade

Nina is a junior at New York University, double-majoring in politics and journalism. A Florida native, Nina is fascinated by the effects of social media in political, business, and pop culture today and hopes to explore these trends journalistically with the start of her career. She has blogged, tweeted, and instagrammed for companies such as Miami Residence Realty, ((305)) Fitness, and Malaya Organics.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @ninazade

Sarah Skirmont 

Sofía Ferrándiz

Sofía is a Los Angeles native of Ecuadorian and Spanish descent double-majoring in Journalism and Sociology at New York University. She’s interested in reporting social justice issues that affect minority communities domestically and worldwide and geeks out during discussions pertaining to globalization and the portrayals of minorities within the media. When she’s not actively organizing and supporting social and labor action movements in Los Angeles or New York, she’s learning about the grant-writing and fundraising process that goes into building a non-profit organization at America Needs You–a career-coaching program for ambitious, low-income college students–where she currently works as a Development intern.

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